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Питомник "Люджен" РКФ предлагает щенков бульмастифа. В разведении используются лучшие крови Англии, Европы и Америки.
Тел. 8-916-705-84-14
Людмила Ханыкова
“Lyudzhen” kennel RKF offers puppies. Best  British, European and American
bloods are used in breeding.
owner Lyudmila Khanykova
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Our first dog appeared in our house in 1980, after a famous movie “Lessi”. It was dark brindled sheperd called Elza. Few years later, when grew older, two rotweiler bitches, Nora and Kerry, were brought into our house. They grew up, were successful at the dog shows. When Kerry brought puppies, we were eager to keep a male puppy to ourselves. So we kept him and called him Stephan. But dog’s age is too short and our girls left us gradually.
Stephan was 6 years, when his mum, Kerry, died. To get over our sorrow and to make his life better, we brought our first bullmastiff. It was in 1998. She was a 2.5 months cute puppy. Her name was Martina. This dog was almost a human, she understood us with the first word and just one look. Only one thing she couldn’t do was speaking. Martina and Stephan made friends quickly. Our family fell in love with that breed and realized one Bullmastiff was not enough at home. Martina whelped in 2000. There was one amazing puppy in the litter. It was clear from the first minute of his life that he would stay with us and only in our house.
He was Grin Fill aka Grisha. He never clashed with his brothers and sisters. He never fought for food. He was all dignity and nobleness. He always slept separately, as if showing that he was the master of the house and would stay and live in this house happily. As the time passed he grew to be a very strong and handsome male. It was pleasure to watch him. He succeeded in many shows and also as a stud. Many of his offsprings live in different Russian cities and in other countries. And they show great results at the shows.Several bullmastiffs live in our house now. Pedigree bitches, they are Grisha’s offsprings.
We brought two Bullmastiffs from Bullero’s kennel (Finland), they are Bullero’s Jast As Good aka Justin and Bullero’s Viva La Diva aka Dusya. We brought our Bullmeredith Honour aka Irisha from Bullmeredith kennel (The UK). Macsai-Orzo Bruno aka Bruno came from Macsai-Orzo kennel (Hungary). And Leatherneck Red Hot For Lyudzhen aka Red flew to us from Leatherneck kennel (the USA) .
We are grateful to kennels’ owners Olsson Mabel, Kate and Rich Meredith, Jean Robinson for the trust.








Photos of Natalia Antonova, Micko Castren are used in this site.
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